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Why choose ASL Bloom?
Learn at your own speed
Learn at your own pace, wherever you want and when it's most convenient for you.
With ASL Bloom you’re in control.
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Have fun while learning
Learning ASL can be challenging, but it’s definitely not boring. Quizzes are designed to be fun and engaging, and the more you learn the more points you earn! Plus, if you ever forget a sign, you can easily check it in our Dictionary.
Learn the basics for free
It’s part of our mission to provide free learning material for everyone to access.
Enjoy free modules and lessons, then continue your learning with Bloom premium!
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Our Mission
We aim to make sign languages accessible to everyone, particularly those in low income countries where classes aren’t available.
Meet the experts
Your guides on your Bright BSL journey will be Karen and Andrew, who have over 35 years of BSL teaching experience combined!
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As a qualified teacher and translator, with more than 20 years’ experience of delivering Deaf Awareness and teaching BSL, Karen set up B.S.L Training in 2012, a British Sign Language and Deaf Training Awareness provider with a passion to unite deaf and hearing people.
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Andrew originally worked as a social worker assistant, supporting Deaf children and their families, before also qualifying as a teacher and joining Karen at B.S.L Training.
Karen and Andrew were both born Deaf and used BSL from a young age - it’s their native language.
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If you start now you are more likely to keep learning in near future!
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